A Day in my Life, Part I

I wake up with my eyes closed. I hear a news anchor in the distance talking about death, or war, or the President, or about a puppy that has been reunited with his owner. I get up and take a steaming hot shower. Not the kind of shower that makes you go to sleep. The kind of shower that wakes you up. The water is slamming into my skin, hot and steamy. All I know during this time is that the water is feeling so nice; I do not care that I am 15 minutes late for school. I walk into my room and put on the clothes that are “appropriate clothes for a prestigious college-preparatory school.” I think to myself, “I love my school, but I bet my last dollar that I could get the same education at the public school down the road a little ways. And, why the hell can I wear neon skinny jeans, but not regular blue skinny jeans with no holes in them?” I take my pop-tart breakfast with me on my 25 minute drive to school.

I finally arrive at school and go strait to my locker. There is a pair of upperclassman making-out on MY locker… of course it is the head cheerleader and one of the captains of the football team. I awkwardly stand there before saying, “Ahmm… excuse me.” The head cheerleader gives me a dirty look and moves to let me through. I open my locker and quickly get my books. I rush as fast as I can to the library, one of my sanctuaries. I am quickly greeted by a couple of my friends, planning a dungeons and dragons party and arguing about Shakespeare. I take no time in arguing that Ophelia was one of the most naive and innocent characters I have ever read about. I then say hello to my friends on the swim team, and ask if we are tapering today (thankfully the answer is yes… damn, my muscles are sore). On my way to class, I run into my stoner friends and talk about the best rap songs. I get to my class in the “nick-of-time” and take my seat next to the foreign-exchange kid that only I seem to be talking to. Morning classes go relatively well. Finally, it is lunch time…


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